Incense is a Totally Natural Plant Material that has been used for millennia for its medicinal, aromatic, and technical properties. Not only is it a natural scent for the environment without synthetic elements, but it is also endowed with multiple healing properties, which is why it is increasingly being used in therapies for various pathologies and is constantly being studied to make these properties available to an ever-wider public. It is also endowed with stronger and subtler energies at the same time…

It belongs to a category of special materials that have crossed time and have come down to us as a passage of the torch through different peoples, cultures, and traditions, from millennium to millennium, from the past to the future.

Do you want to discover what incense is and learn how to use it correctly? Do you want to discover the multiple properties of incense?

If you are looking for all this, then let us guide you on this ancient path.


1) Because for almost twenty years we have dedicated ourselves to researching, studying, importing, and commercializing these precious essences.

2) Because when we started, there were only ten aromatic materials on the market and they were not promoted for their medicinal or fragrance properties. We were the first to believe in materials unknown to the market, and today we import almost a hundred natural incenses from all over the world.

3) Because few of these materials were classified correctly, while we chose a scientific approach for our product information, thanks to which ANBESA is mentioned in several essays in literature as a supplier of the materials under study.

4) Because we are the only ones who have invested all of our activities in incense from A to Z, i.e. from the plants that produce incense, to its countless varieties, and its derivatives.

5) Because today, information on incense and other aromatic substances is still unsatisfactory. With ANBESA, your knowledge in this field will no longer be the same: in addition to correct botanical information, the aromatic notes that compose them, and advice on the correct use of these products, today we have introduced holistic information, real guidelines that will help you choose which incenses to use according to your personal needs and emotional states.

Incense attracts magnetically those who revolve around it… while strongly repelling those and what it needs to repel! WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM OF INCENSE!